May. 06, 2019

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Weekly Roundup
The latest news from the State Capitol
House Approves Bill to Rein in Regulations

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In keeping with my commitment to rein in government and, specifically burdensome regulations, the House approved my legislation to establish an enhanced review of proposed regulations that would have a great financial impact on businesses and taxpayers.

House Bill 806 is based on the federal REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act) and is known as the Pennsylvania REINS Act. The bill would establish an improved review process for major regulations that would create a financial burden of $1 million or more per year on communities, businesses and/or the Commonwealth.

House Bill 806 is a step in the right direction of decreasing unnecessary and duplicative government oversight that hinders business growth and costs taxpayers year over year. Pennsylvanians have no recourse for the onerous actions of agency workers, as they don’t get to cast a vote for these appointed individuals. This bill restores a balance of power, by giving elected officials the final say on rules possessing a financially significant impact on the lives of Pennsylvanians.
Government Done Right – Pennsylvania Needs an Upgrade

House Republicans are devoting the month of May to giving our state government a long-overdue upgrade.

Having “government done right” means upgrading to a more effective and efficient government while providing core services. It means repealing out-of-date laws, reexamining the effectiveness of some state boards and commissions, and putting a stop to the red tape and overregulation that has tied the hands of job creators and hampered economic progress.

We kicked off the effort last week by passing House Bill 762 to require state agencies to designate a regulatory compliance officer to facilitate better understanding of new and existing regulations and boost compliance rates among affected businesses.

We also passed House Bill 509, which would boost transparency in the permitting process by requiring agencies to post information online and create an accessible tracking system for applicants to check the status of their applications.

Finally, we started to get rid of some our most outdated, irrelevant laws. These include measures that regulate when things can or cannot happen on Sundays, such as movie times, baseball and football games and even playing music. Other laws we are working to repeal include antiquated sections of our Public School Code and the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children, which closed in 2009.

You can read more about what we are doing to improve Pennsylvania’s government here.
Good News for PA Budget, Taxpayers

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We have some great economic news to report related to the state budget!

State revenue collections are more than $828 million ahead of estimates with two months to go in the current fiscal year. This announcement comes after years of Gov. Tom Wolf asking for tax increases. Thankfully, we held the line on taxes and continue to reap the benefits of the economy building naturally while generating addition revenue.

The increase in revenue doesn’t mean the state should increase spending.

House and Senate Republicans came together recently to stress our intention to devote much of the additional funding to building up the state’s reserves for the next “rainy day” to help ensure we can weather the next economic slowdown.

The Commonwealth’s revenue growth is the result of pro-growth policies and our commitment to standing up for taxpayers. We will continue that commitment through this year’s budget negotiations. A final 2019-20 state budget is due by June 30.

Find further details on Pennsylvania’s revenues here.
House in Session This Week

The House is back in session this week. You can stay up on all the latest news on my website, and the House GOP site,, where you can also find this week’s schedule.

To read a review of what we did this past week, click here.
Honoring Our First Responder Heroes

I recently presented citations from the House of Representatives to Wellsville Fire Chief Larry Anderson and Connie Ehrhart, EMT. Anderson and Ehrhart were off duty in October 2018 when they came upon a horrific crash on Interstate 83 in Dauphin County and pulled over to help. Sadly, three people – a student at Messiah College and a young father and his 1-year-old daughter – were killed in the 11-vehicle crash that also injured six people.
Ehrhart and Anderson, who was clad in fire-resistant turnout gear, rescued a crash victim from a burning car. Anderson used his body to shield the victim, who succumbed to injuries, from the fiery car.

Ehrhart and Anderson truly went above and beyond the call of duty. I commend them for their quick action to care for crash victims.
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