May. 14, 2018

Weekly Roundup
The latest news from the State Capitol
House Moves to Protect Babies with Down Syndrome

Click here to view video.
Legislation, which I voted for, to prohibit the abortion of a child due solely to a diagnosis of possible Down syndrome was approved by the House with a bipartisan vote of 139-56.

Under current law, a woman can obtain an abortion prior to 24 weeks gestational age for any reason, except if the woman’s reason is to select the sex of the child. House Bill 2050 would expand the exception to prohibit aborting a child due solely to a prenatal diagnosis the unborn child has Down syndrome. This would have no restrictions on a mother obtaining an abortion in cases of rape, incest or personal endangerment.

The above video is exactly why I voted in favor.
Tracking Every Cent of Taxpayer Money

With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House recently approved legislation to greatly enhance the public’s ability to track every cent Pennsylvania receives and how the state spends taxpayer dollars.

House Bill 1843 would enhance the Pennsylvania Treasury’s Transparency Portal website and make the program permanent so it is always available to taxpayers.

Specifically, the legislation would create the Commonwealth Checkbook, a user-friendly online ledger to show the public how and where their tax dollars are spent. The bill would also require state agencies to post budget requests online.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.
Attention Women Veterans: Survey Available on State Services

The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) is currently conducting an online survey to identify issues of concern to Pennsylvania’s approximately 60,000 women veterans.

Survey topics include benefits and services, access to health care and veterans’ service organizations. The data submitted by respondents will be used by DMVA to recommend policies or procedures that address issues women veterans face as a result of military service.

The survey will be available through June 18 here.
Benefits Available for Amputee and Paralyzed PA Veterans

The Amputee and Paralyzed Veterans Pension program offers eligible Pennsylvania veterans a pension of $150 per month through the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA).

To be eligible, veterans must have served in the military honorably; resided in Pennsylvania upon entering the military; suffered a service-connected injury or incurred a disease resulting in the loss or loss of use of two or more extremities (arms/hands or legs/feet); and have at least a 40 percent disability compensation rating or higher in each limb as determined and certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Pennsylvania veterans should contact the County Veterans Affairs Director in the county they reside to apply. More information about the DMVA Amputee and Paralyzed Veterans Pension program can be found at Pension Program.

About 1,800 veterans are currently enrolled in the program.
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