Jul. 12, 2019

DILLSBURG – Rep. Dawn Keefer (R-York/Cumberland) issued the following statement in response to the elimination of a layer of government and Gov. Tom Wolf violating the state Constitution by circumventing the legislative process to borrow $90 million:

“House Republicans have been tirelessly working to stop Gov. Tom Wolf’s spending increases and cut government expense, as well as the size of government. To that end, the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee will be eliminated in two years. A lot of the initiatives of the committee are already taken up by standing committees. This reduction in the size of government will save taxpayers $582,000 per year.

“However, for every penny we save the taxpayers, it seems Wolf spends an additional dollar. Wolf usurped the legislative process and announced his intention to borrow $90 million without legal authority, to pay for the replacement of county voting systems that he unilaterally decommissioned late last year. As a firm believer in representative government, which ensures all voters have a say through their elected officials in the House and Senate, one man’s decision to borrow a very large sum of money to pay for a mandate he created is a slippery slope we can’t allow Pennsylvania venture down again. Wolf took similar action two years ago when he saddled Pennsylvanians with an unauthorized $200 million loan against the Farm Show Complex to cover his budget overspends.

“While we are actively working to consolidate and streamline government to make it more efficient, Wolf is intent on growing, not only government, but also state spending.”

Representative Dawn Keefer
92nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Greg Gross
RepKeefer.com / Facebook.com/RepKeefer